Are Cascading Style Sheets addictive?

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* html body {display: none;} ... I haven't figured out why some think this hack is discriminating



Fortgeschrittene CSS Techniken

Ingo Chao, Corina Rudel Galileo Computing 3., aktualisierte Auflage 2012 454 S., gebunden, komplett in Farbe, mit DVD -vergriffen- ISBN 978-3-8362-1695-1

CSS selector specificity and complexity in development

Calculating the mean selector specificity of Cascading Style Sheets identifies three prototypical authoring styles. In large projects, a selector architecture that prefers classes over types and unique identifiers may reduce complexity and development costs.

On having layout

In this article, we focus on some aspects of "hasLayout" in IE/Win. The editors of this revision are: Holly Bergevin, Ingo Chao, Bruno Fassino, John Gallant, Georg Sørtun and Philippe Wittenbergh.

Companion Columns

Introducing a technique for equal heights aspect of columns.

pseudo-class, pseudo-element, pseudo-CSS

Bugs and inconsistencies regarding pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes in IE/Win.

acidic float tests

In IE, floats are auto-contained by elements that have “layout.” Sometimes, this auto-containing might be not desired. An in-depth discussion by the haslayout-editors.

IE/Win: relatively positioned parent and floated child – disappearance

Where is my float? Where is my positioned element? In IE/Win, position: relative renders strange: in conjunction with float and clear, elements are disappearing.

Quirky Percentages in IE6's Visual Formatting Model

In this guest demo (hosted on Position is Everything), I describe the IE6 percentages bug on margins and paddings and provide information about the reflow on hover-transitions.

IE6/Win: jump on hover in Ala's Holy Grail layout

This article focuses on a jumping column sometimes visible in the "Holy Grail" layout published in A list apart and in similar layouts that use percentage margins.

background images lost on multi line inline links

IE/Win does not render non-repeating background images when the link breaks into a new line.

IE6: Filter flaws

Links don't work when the filter: progid: DXImageTransform. Microsoft. AlphaImageLoader is used on an absolutely positioned element.

absolutely positioned element with auto offset: the static position

The specification says, absolutely positioned elements that have no offset like left:0 are positioned at their static position. IE cannot calculate a static position that meets the specification when the a.p. element follows a float, due to a conflict between the float model and the proprietary layout model.

list injection for PRE tags

How to present a long source listing with pre? An experimental technique to replace a preformatted source listing by injecting an ordered list.

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